Establishing new imaging facilities

NPL is establishing a high-resolution mass spectrometry imaging facility to improve drug development, that can be easily accessed by UK industry.

Building on its current capabilities in mass spectrometry imaging, NPL has received funding through the Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge fund for a world-leading imaging facility identified by stakeholders as a pivotal route to understanding drug delivery, uptake and metabolism. The facility is the first of its kind in the UK, and will focus on more personalised diagnosis through better understanding of disease, more effective treatments of cancer, and reducing time and costs in drug development.

Such innovative businesses will become more important as patients look for specific healthcare products to meet their specific needs.

NPL is also creating a new centre to accelerate medical imaging technologies through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

In the heavily regulated healthcare sector, robust and reliable measurements are an essential component of bringing new products to market, clinical trials and effective healthcare practices. Working closely with a broad range of stakeholders, NPL will ensure that the latest measurement techniques and best practice to assess, validate and commission innovative imaging technologies are developed and widely adopted.

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