We’re working to tackle some of the world’s biggest health challenges, by standardising and improving diagnosis and treatment techniques to help all UK NHS hospitals provide world-class cancer care by 2020, and reducing attrition rates in drug development, as well as working on new therapies like novel antibiotics, to get them to patients more quickly.

In 2018 we launched our new Metrology for Medical Physics Centre (MEMPHYS) which will support rapid acceleration for the development and implementation of innovative early diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, for conditions such as cancer, dementia and heart disease into clinical practice.

Aiding uptake of new radiotherapy techniques

Helping to ensure that new innovations in treatment provide the better patient outcomes that they promise


Creating a new family of antibiotics

Working to discover, screen and validate new classes of antimicrobials with Ingenza and the University of Plymouth, to tackle antimicrobial resistance


Developing new breast screening technology

Our new imaging system for breast cancer diagnosis has the potential to provide a standardised, high-quality image, while being more comfortable and lower cost, with no side effects


Establishing new imaging facilities

Establishing mass spectrometry and medical imaging facilities to provide better understanding of diseases and accelerate the development of new drugs and technologies


Improving quality of life for people with diabetes

Developing a new medical device that provides an early alert of potential foot ulcers to improve life expectancy and quality of life for people with diabetes


Our approach

NPL is helping the UK continue to be a world leader in translating life sciences research, accelerating access to new diagnosis and treatment techniques, and helping to support rapid adoption of advanced healthcare technologies across the country. We tackle some of the world’s biggest health challenges, from reducing attrition rates in drug development, to treating cancer and dementia, to creating new antibiotics.

We make your impossible possible

If you have a life sciences and health challenge, get in touch with us to find out how we can help make your impossible possible.