Unlocking product verification opportunities for the aerospace industry

NPL and the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) have published a new report following a comprehensive consultation that set out to identify the critical measurement needs that will assure performance and quality across aerospace manufacturing.  The report identifies a potential £2 billion per year opportunity for the aerospace industry if better product verification practices are adopted.

Product verification processes are used to assess whether a product meets the originally specified requirements.  Improvements to these processes generate savings through shorter product development lead times, increased productivity, and greater confidence and trust in the supply chain.

As manufacturing embraces new technology and processes, new measurement challenges are emerging. New manufacturing processes and materials are creating complexity that requires optimal measurement practices to ensure right first-time manufacturing, and digitalisation of supply chains and production lines is driving a need to build confidence in data through measurement.

NPL has identified £10 million of savings across 45 UK manufacturers over three years

The report recommends a focus on three areas of product verification, to realise its potential savings: investment into state of the art research, creation of demonstrators, and provision of skills.

NPL’s product verification team has identified £10 million of savings across 45 UK manufacturers over three years and will be working closely with industry and partners to progress these areas and ensure NPL’s excellent science and engineering supports the UK manufacturing sector to grow.

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