We’re paving the way to a cleaner future, by supporting the decarbonisation of the energy sector, helping to transition our energy system so that it is smart, clean and resilient, helping businesses validate their innovative clean technologies, and providing confidence in data on the climate, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Making the UK’s nuclear industry safer

Providing cost-effective decommissioning and support for automation of hazardous activity


Paving the way to a hydrogen economy

Working extensively on fuel cells, electrolysers and hydrogen purity, and helping to improve the viability and performance of such technologies to support further commercialisation


Providing confidence in data

Ensuring environmental data can be effectively used to make decisions about how to tackle climate change and poor air quality


Researching next-generation battery technologies

Increasing their lifetime and developing new techniques for testing the claims and safety of new batteries


Testing low-cost air quality sensors

Assessing their accuracy and identifying how they can be best used in conjunction with more accurate sensors, to increase our understanding of air pollution


Our approach

NPL is helping the UK get more value from renewables and low-carbon technology, and increasing our understanding of emissions and pollution. We apply the latest advances in measurement to make every stage of energy generation and transport more efficient, safe and affordable, and to improve the quality of data available on climate change and air pollution.

We make your impossible possible

If you have an energy and environment challenge, get in touch with us to find out how we can help make your impossible possible.