Applying precise time to new applications

It’s the final countdown: by 3 January 2018, financial reporting systems must legally comply with stringent new EU regulations for time-stamping on financial trades – known as MiFID II RTS 25. That’s why the UK’s official UTC timekeeper, NPL, has created NPLTime®.

NPLTime® offers the financial sector a certified precise time signal, directly traceable to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and independent of GPS. This end-to-end ‘time-over-fibre’ service is delivered to the financial sector in partnership with leading network infrastructure providers.

The core implementation and additional metrics provide the user with underpinning timing capability for traceable timestamping, latency monitoring and synchronisation, and the signal is fully compliant with the MiFID II RTS 25 timing traceability requirement.

The resilient service completely eliminates reliance on GPS and removes susceptibility to jamming, spoofing, urban canyon effects and solar storms. It reduces the costs associated with managing a complex assortment of timing devices and the need to access roof space to locate GPS antennas.

As the home of the UK’s National Timescale, UTC(NPL), and the caesium fountain, NPL CsF2, a primary frequency standard accurate to within one second in 158 million years, NPL is perfectly placed to deliver precision timing services to demanding customers.

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